About Biostore UK

Biostore UK Limited has been setup to meet the needs of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies. Biostore UK has over 30 years experience in the area of ULT and low temperature storage. Working with some of the leading equipment manufacturers Biostore UK have positioned themselves to be a market leader in the field of sample/product storage.

Business is a risk, but no one wants to take risks with those samples/products which take weeks and months to generate, or retention samples that need to be kept but take up valuable space, or those samples that cannot be destroyed and need long term storage....

Need short to medium term storage for clinical trials material? our site has considerable growth potential and with our industry links high volume storage can be made available in a rapid time.

What ever the reason, Biostore UK understand your need to operate at the highest level. With a full quality system and regular up dates and auditing Biostore UK offer a leading edge solution to storing your temperature critical samples/products.