All equipment in use at Biostore UK is continuously monitored for temperature.

Temperature data is monitored and should an alarm condition occur, there is local notification to staff on site and sms texting to the staff responsible for the unit. Biostore UK take very seriously any deviation in temperature and will ensure clients are kept in formed of all significant temperature excursions.

Biostore UK use market leading "Eltek Gen II" system to wirelessly monitor all equipment. The "Gen II" system is used in a variety of environments and is particulary suited to Biostore UK's application.

Biostore UK know that even they are not immune to equipment failure. To assure disaster prevention Biostore UK have a tiered structure of backup in place to ensure equipment failure does not impact on your valuable samples.

We have on site electricity generation as backup to mains power failure.

We carry a reserve unit for each of the temperatures covered.