At Biostore UK we recognise the importance of good quality labeling. Samples stored at low temperatures need to be labeled using materials which can stand up to the rigors of temperature change and high moisture levels.

Samples recieved at Biostore UK can be  given a new label before storage. At Biostore UK we use a clear over label so as not to obscure your sample identity. The clear label has a white tag on which the necessary details are applied.

We have an inhouse labeling system which ensures the identity of a sample is never lost.

Whether a single cryovial or several thousand samples, the integrity of the samples identity is assured.

The materials we use are also available to you for purchase. 

Biostore UK has the experience to offer bespoke sample security measures, if you have concerns over ensuring sample integrity and being comforatable that no has tampered with the sample material, call us to discuss your concerns.